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Power System Study for Guardian Building


Applied Power and Controls, Inc. Lead Electrical Engineering consultant firm working as a team member with Rotor Electric and Motor City Electric during the recent conversion and upgrades project. Our duties and responsibilities consisted of performing power system studies for the historic (40) forty story landmark skyscraper located in downtown Detroit. The Guardian Building was completed in 1929 and is designated a National Historic Landmark the highest honor given by the National Park Services.

The power system studies consisted of performing a short-circuit study; protective device coordination study and arc-flash hazard analysis. During the field investigation phase we assisted with data collection which was challenging due to the age and size of the building. The power system is a classic loop system with two incoming utility lines. Our analysis included three scenarios with normal operation, tie breaker closed and only one line available.

Upon completion of the analysis we were able to indentify several opportunities for improvement including reducing the arc flash hazards at selected pieces of electrical equipment throughout the distribution system.