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Oakland County (Various Buildings)
Arc Flash Analysis





Applied Power and Controls Inc. (APC) furnished separate Arc Flash Analysis for the several facilities for the Oakland County Service Center Campus but in order for that to be accurate and useful, APC first had to perform a short-circuit study and protective device coordination study of each of the existing facilities as well. The analysis provided a network solution of three-phase, single-line to ground, line-to-line and double-line to ground fault currents. The study started at the incoming utility and traveled downstream through all cables, bus duct, switches, fuses, circuit breakers and stopped at the input to the lighting and power panels. Time versus Current coordination curves was generated revealing protective devices for all protective devices in equipment list. One set of curves was issued for each switchboard bus. Each analysis was performed and provided in the format that will comply with the requirements found in NFPA- 70E. APC submittals included one (1) set of reports, curves, recommendations, one-line drawings and arc flash labels for each facility. APC has completed an analysis for each of the following facility; Children’s Village (A,B & C), East Annex, Executive Office, IT Building, Medical Examiner, NOHC, Public Works, and Sheriff Admin.